We exist to inspire more meat eaters to eat less meat 



  •  We believe in using only high welfare meat from farms that give animals a healthy outdoor life
  • Our aim is to use all of the animal and not to waste any of the carcass
  • We believe that a cut of meat can go a long way and will always seek new ways to use less meat in our products


Meat or fish for every meal, and lunch and sometimes even breakfast was a total norm for me growing up.  I knew vegetarians but never fancied that lifestyle but in 2008 I (Molly) moved in with Mally and Holly (no joke!) who were both vegetarians and somehow I just fell in.  I used their cookbooks and tried all sorts of new flavours.  I didn’t cut out meat altogether, if I particularly fancied some bacon or beef I would have some but it was no longer the staple of my meal.  To my joy I lost a tonne of weight, probably all those saturated fats, maybe the running helped but I didn’t look back and have spent the last 10 years perfecting a number of low meat recipes.  


In 2015 I had the brainwave for creating a low meat sausage and in 2017 I launched my first market stall on Well Street in Hackney.  The rest of the story is still being written so keep an eye on the journal page and watch us on social media to see what happens next.