July 2018

China vowed to eat less meat in 2016 but did they manage it? 

In 2016 (the year that I started Molly Musgrave Foods to make products using less meat) the Chinese government announced their new dietary guidelines to reduce meat consumption by 50% by 2030.  Unlike here in the UK, when the Chinese government makes an announcement the people will (usually) follow.  So what has changed since then? I wanted to find out....

April 2017

Vegetarian is a step to far – become a casual carnivore

If you haven’t seen the vegan comedy Carnage on BBC iPlayer yet you should have a strong stomach to watch it. It reveals the intensive meat industry for what it really is, poo poos recent high welfare methods of farming and brandishes our favourite celebrity chefs, who have campaigned for and promoted better farming standards, as borderline criminals...

December 2017

Low meat chilli recipe

chilli sin carne

I got into the habit of making this a little too often so I’ve had a bit of a dry patch recently but it’s so reliable, versatile and obviously delicious..

January 2018

The simplest low meat recipe - stock

Nearly every dinner recipe across my wall of cookery books asks for stock, bone broth or whatever you want to call it but I never have enough or even worse I don’t have any..