VEGETARIAN IS A STEP TO FAR                  become a casual carnivore

 April 2017

If you haven’t seen the vegan comedy Carnage on BBC iPlayer yet you should have a strong stomach to watch it. It reveals the intensive meat industry for what it really is, poo poos recent high welfare methods of farming and brandishes our favourite celebrity chefs, who have campaigned for and promoted better farming standards, as borderline criminals. It’s 50 years in the future and vegan is a way of life for everyone in the UK, leaving the older generation dealing with the guilt of their past diets.  The film uses historical footage to pull apart our rationalisation around consumption of meat and dairy and goes on to predict the eventual collapse of the industries.  


It’s difficult to watch because I eat meat and I have chosen to start a company processing meat; making low meat sausages. I’m sure that the characters of Simon Anstell’s vegan comedy wouldn’t get it, just like my vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian friends who often suggest that I should make a vegetarian sausage if I want to encourage people to eat less meat.  But I don’t want to target the converted, I want to target the people who eat meat every day, who have meat and 2 veg for dinner and who have never tried a veggie sausage.  


Vegetarian sausages have been around since 1949 when Germany created vegetarian hotdogs but nevertheless, traditional sausage sales remain high and many people have never chosen to even try a vegetarian sausage.  You could ask, after all that time, why aren’t people choosing to turn veggie? Half of the adults surveyed in a 2013 study by Mintel said that meat free and free form foods lacked flavour, if that’s their reputation I’m not surprised that sales have not risen to match the plethora of meat free products available on the market.  


Many people associate meat free products with a vegetarian lifestyle choice rather than a healthy meal alternative.  For some a vegetarian choice is a step too far which is why I believe there is space on the market for a low meat high welfare sausage made of only natural ingredients. A product that will increase consumption of alternative and low fat proteins, increase consumption of vegetables, grains and nuts, reduce consumption of meat, reduce the risk of terrible diseases that are associated with red and processed meat, save animal lives and reduce the massive environmental impact that the meat industry has on our planet.


The purpose of my company is to help people who like to eat meat to make a healthier choice that will not sacrifice on flavour.  I believe it is possible to optimise the flavours and textures of meat whilst only using a fraction of the volume, ¼ to be precise.  Don’t get me wrong, my sausages won’t attempt to mimic the traditional banger, they will be different but they will be tasty.